Submerged Bed Scrubber (SBS) Condensate Direct Disposal

Company Performed Work:

AEM Consulting, LLC

Work Description:

The scope of work required preparation of a preconceptual study of direct disposal alternatives for the SBS Condensate stream generated by operation of the WTP LAW Vitrification Facility (scope excludes consideration of SBS condensate that might be generated by a supplemental LAW immobilization system).   The work scope included documentation of the analysis and description of the conclusions drawn from comparing the alternatives to the baseline strategy of recycling SBS condensate within the WTP facilities.

Three SBS condensate direct disposal alternatives were evaluated:

  1. Ship SBS condensate off-site in liquid form as Class A waste with no concentration
  2. Concentrate and ship SBS condensate off-site in liquid form as Class A waste
  3. Concentrate and solidify SBS condensate and ship the waste solid off-site as Class A waste

The evaluation begins by identifying functions, requirements, and enabling assumptions needed to define the alternatives.  Material balances were developed to support the alternative descriptions and preliminary equipment sizing completed to use as a basis for facility layouts.  Additional comparison attributes were developed, including an evaluation of technology readiness, qualitative identification of hazards, facility hazard category determination, qualitative dose rate estimate, waste management evaluation and transportation evaluation.  Cost, schedule, and regulatory analysis evaluations were provided by WRPS personnel.  Attributes of the alternatives are compared and conclusions/recommendations developed from the alternatives comparison.

A final activity included in this task was preparation of a draft presentation and paper for submission to the Waste Management 2013 Conference based on the completed study.

Start/End Date:

April 2012 through September 2012

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