Project Development for Supplemental Treatment

Company Performed Work:

AEM Consulting, LLC

Work Description:

The scope of work included development of information necessary as input to a technology down selection for solids removal, cesium removal, and LAW immobilization.  A selection plan and criteria was developed.  The treatment alternatives included in-tank and near tank pretreatment of retrieved waste via solids separation (e.g. cross flow or rotary microfiltration) and cesium removal, (e.g. ion exchange, Solvent Extraction, and Fractional Crystallization).  The immobilization alternatives included supplemental treatment of the LAW by Cementitious solidification, Bulk Vitrification, Fluidized Bed Steam Reforming, and a second LAW facility with either the existing WTP design or with a bulk style melter.  To ensure that the latest information is utilized, the work scope included contact with technology providers directly as necessary to perform these tasks.

Tasks include:

  1. Develop a source term – The source term shall be based on SST and DST supernate compositions.
  2. Perform technology assessment – Review the technology level and recommend research and development necessary to mature each of the technologies to the same level. This assessment will utilize a graded approach to application of DOE Guide 413.3-4.
  3. Develop technology selection plan, criteria and methodology –the plan and criteria shall be developed in conjunction with WRPS project personnel and shall include components associated with Safety, Permitting; Technical Maturity; Operability and Maintainability; and Programmatic Risk. The plan shall cover the WRPS led Decision Board and the external review panel. Consider the criteria used in the 2003 LAW processing down selection and in the 2008 IPS down selection.
  4. Develop engineering data packages – At a minimum the packages shall contain flowsheets of major components for major constituents and constituents of concern as agreed upon in the Kick Off meeting, a project schedule and shall contain a level 5 cost estimate (-30% to +50%) for each technology suitable for the down selection process. Pretreatment data packages are needed first in order to perform a pretreatment down select by 10/29/2010.
  5. Provide support during selection process – Provide technical support/presentation material and participate in selection workshops/meetings with WRPS to select the preferred pretreatment technology to recommend to the Department of Energy (DOE).
  6. Document decision results – Prepare documentation of the workshop/meeting results and recommendation(s).

The Engineering data packages contain brief process descriptions, to include: 1) a level of detail sufficient to support a Technology Readiness Assessment, Safety Assessment and Operational Assessment; 2) Site/Facility layouts, to include a level of detail sufficient to support an order of magnitude project cost estimate, lists of process components, including size and availability, to include a level of detail sufficient to support an order of magnitude project cost estimate, and 3) lists of process consumables (including power), including usage rate and availability.

A summary of documents prepared by this work scope is summarized below.  The work scope was taken through the technology selection process for the supplemental waste pretreatment technology.  Work to complete the technology selection process for the supplemental immobilization technology was suspended at the conclusion of Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 due to funding constraints in FY2012,  Therefore, the data package and cost estimate for immobilization technologies was transmitted to the client as a draft documents that were preserved in the client’s project files for future use.

Start / End Date:

March 2010 through September 2011

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