K-Basin Sludge Phase II

Company Performed Work:

AEM Consulting, LLC

Work Description:

 The DOE and CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Company was investigating alternative technologies for treating K-Basin sludge to allow final disposal at WIPP as Remote Handled TRU waste.  Removal of the sludge from K-Basin and transport for interim storage at T-Plant is referred to as Phase 1 of the K-Basin Sludge Treatment Project.  Phase 2 of the project is defined as the treatment and packaging of sludge such that it can be transported to and disposed at WIPP.  Lucas EMS was awarded a contract to support the technology selection process by providing descriptions for alternative sludge treatment and packaging technologies with potential application to the K-Basin sludge which were used as input to a technology selection board.  The evaluation approach was based on selecting advocates to interface between vendors of potential technologies and the development of information provided to the selection board.  AEM Consulting provided support to Lucas EMS in the form of one person to perform the role of a technical advocate assigned to interface with Impact Services (vendor for the In-Container Vitrification technology).

In the role of technical advocate, AEM defined work scope to be performed by the vendor to investigate areas of potential risk identified for application of the In-Container Vitrification technology to the treatment of K-Basin sludge.  The work scope included engineering studies, testing (including development of test plans and test reports), and updates of material balances based on the test data.  Interfacing with the vendor included review of the work scope products and witnessing the actual tests at the vendor test site.  Reports provided by the vendor were used to develop a description of the technology as applied to K-Basin sludge treatment as an appendix to the data package provided to the technology selection board.  Work concluded with a presentation of the technology description information to the technology selection board.

Start / End Date:

December 2009 through December 2011

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