A and AX Farm Retrievals Preliminary Process Flowsheet

Company Performed Work:

AEM Consulting, LLC

Work Description:

The project work scope required development of a preliminary flowsheet for waste retrieval from Tanks 241-A-101, 102, 104, 105, and 106 to 241-AY-101 and from Tanks 241-AX-101, 102, 103, and 104 to 241-AZ-102.  Due to the preliminary nature of the A/AX Farm retrieval concept, the flowsheet document does not strictly adhere to TFC-ENG-CHEM-C-01.  In addition, the mass balance results were obtained from Hanford Tank Waste Operations Simulator model results, rather than developed as independent detailed calculations.

The major purpose for the preliminary flowsheet was identification of potential risks associated with the flowsheet concept.  This was evaluated by identifying tank farm requirements that are potentially applicable to the flowsheet concept.  Selected tank farm requirements were evaluated based on the flowsheet concept material balance (evaluation of selected requirements were omitted from the study scope), risk of non-compliance with requirements identified, and potential methods for mitigating risks were identified.

Documents produced:

  • RPP-RPT-47464, Preliminary A and AX Tank Farms Retrieval Process Flowsheet
  • SVF-1971, A Farm Retrieval Flowsheet
  • SVF-1972, AX Farm Retrieval Flowsheet

SVF-1973, Receiver Tank Characteristics for A-AX Farm Retrieval Flowsheet

Start / End Date:

May 2010 through September 2010

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