Gary Dunford

AEM Principal

Chemical engineer with 33 years of program management, engineering and operations management experience at chemical processing and nuclear waste management facilities, Gary Dunford has a strong background in plant operations and process engineering support to radioactive/mixed waste facilities. His experience extends into systems engineering applications, flowsheet development, Conduct of Operations principles, operational readiness activities, and safety documentation preparation and authorization basis implementation. Dunford is also noted for his ability to identify innovative solutions to problems and bring diverse groups to complete projects. He has worked and is familiar with various Department of Energy (DOE) sites throughout the country (i.e., Hanford, Idaho and Savannah River) and has developed, marketed and implemented a project plan and strategies to complete the Hanford site’s first DOE order compliant Final Safety Analysis Report.  Dunford also implemented a prototype risk status and review process to reduce DOE’s approval time by half.

In the past, Dunford served as the Assistant Manager for Facility Operations as well as Manager of Tank Farms Plant Engineering. As assistant manager for facility operations; Dunford was responsible for the daily operations of all Hanford tank farms and readiness activities for special activities and projects. Additionally, his staff successful installed the SY-101 Mixer Pump, which mitigated DOE’s top priority safety issue at the time. The time Dunford served as the Manager of Tank Farms Plant Engineering, he oversaw a multi-disciplined engineering organization that was responsible for the plant/process/design engineering functions for Tank Farms, Grout and Evaporator facilities. He was responsible for upgrades to ensure that major modifications were properly designed, safely installed, formally tested and systematically turned over including operational readiness activities. 

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