Albin Pajunen

Chief Engineer

Albin Pajunen is a licensed professional Chemical Engineer with 35 years of process engineering experience at nuclear facilities. He has a strong background in flowsheet development, including unit operations, kinetics, mass transfer, heat transfer, ion exchange and drying used in radioactive waste processing, spent nuclear fuel reprocessing and plutonium processing. He has extensive experience in waste systems and contributing to studies and reports for retrieving and processing waste from Hanford’s single shell and double shell tanks.

Pajunen has been the process lead on front end engineering activities for the separation and immobilization of nuclear waste.  He developed the technical basis for WTP’s cesium removal and acid recovery unit operations and was AEM lead on key studies for the supplemental pretreatment and immobilization of waste. These studies form the basis for the second LAW plant technology decision and the ongoing project to build a near tank pretreatment system.

Pajunen has led the development of multiple technical studies and reports for waste systems at Hanford, and retrieving and processing Hanford tank wastes and was essential to building the technical basis line for the drying and storage of aging spent nuclear fuel from the K Basins. Pajunen also developed the method for ensuring safe storage of the fuel and successfully defended it with the Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board and other outside experts.

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