Ryan O. Lokken

Principal Engineer

Ryan Lokken has been integral to the Strategic Initiative Analysis Plan (SIAP) for WRPS to assess the impacts of delayed construction of the waste treatment plant (WTP).

Mr. Lokken previously spent four years as a test coordinator for the K-Basin Sludge Treatment Project (STP) and 18 years as the Senior Research/Development Engineer investigating and testing cement-based waste forms for immobilization of hazardous and radioactive waste. He has spent 11 years as a Senior Environmental, Safety and Health (ES&H) professional with responsibility for developing and implementing documentation for compliance with federal and state hazardous waste regulations.

Mr. Lokken was responsible for directing the development, verification and testing of cement-based waste forms for solidification of low-level radioactive/hazardous wastes. Conducted statistically designed mixtures experiments to develop various waste forms, including glass, ceramic and cement-based formulations. He developed fabrication procedures and conditions for four waste forms capable of immobilizing a transuranic waste blend consisting of process sludge and incinerator ash. Conducted property evaluations on cement and bitumen-based waste forms developed for the immobilization of commercial low-level waste incinerator ash.

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